What will be the new Mercedes crossover

The second generation of the GLC SUV will get a steering rear axle.

Mercedes-Benz could not keep a curious technical upgrade of the new GLC a secret — the spies caught a prototype of a SUV with a fully-controlled chassis. For competitors from the Volkswagen concern, this option is not new for a long time: there is a steering rear axle on the entire line of «senior» crossovers from the Volkswagen Touareg to the Lamborghini Urus. However, Mercedes’ four swivel wheels are still found only on sedans (C-Class, S-Class), station wagons (C-Class Estate), liftbacks (AMG GT 4-door Coupe, EQS) and supercars (AMG GT) , so the GLC could be the first crossover to feature this technology.

Even without official releases, it is clear that a simplified system will appear on the GLC, identical to that used on

As for the exterior, here you shouldn’t expect any special surprises from the GLC: a design revolution will not happen during the generational change. You can predict the transition to a narrowed lighting technology and a slight increase in overall dimensions. But the interior will change globally — fans of the model will have to get used to the portrait-oriented 11.9-inch multimedia system touchscreen, 12.3-inch virtual dashboard without a visor, four-spoke steering wheel and touch interface. There is no doubt that the GLC will repeat the interior of the C-Class — the predecessor in the X253 body from the inside was indistinguishable from the «tseshek» of the W205 family.

As for the technical stuffing, following the C-Class, the compact crossover will lose its six- and eight-cylinder engines and switch to gasoline and diesel turbo-fours. The debut of the «junior» SUV with the new 1.5-liter M 254 engine cannot be ruled out, although such a small-displacement version is unlikely to appear from the start of sales. Well, at the top of the line there will be

The current Mercedes-Benz GLC has been produced since 2015, the planned restyling took place in 2019, so the premiere of the second generation is not far off. The imminent debut is indicated by the fact that the test GLC threw off the heavy camouflage and acquired lighting equipment identical to that of the production model. Probably, the next Mercedes-Benz GLC will be declassified at the end of this or early next year, and with a slight delay the coupe-like version will reach the conveyor.

Photos are taken from open sources.