What new materials have started to be used in Toyota car interiors

A new material called Durabio was developed by Mitsubishi Chemical as an alternative to glass.

Innovative plastic is used in the climate control panel for second-row passengers — so far only in one model of the brand, the hydrogen Mirai. But in the future, more and more parts will be made from a new material, since it is resistant to scratches and exposure to sunlight, and does not turn yellow over time. At the same time, it does not emit bisphenols harmful to humans, like conventional polymers, it is environmentally friendly in production.

Durabio bioplastic is a plant-based polymer made from glucose, which is first converted into sorbidol and then into isosorbide.

All leading companies are now switching to new finishing materials. The focus is primarily on environmental friendliness — either in production or in use. For example, premium brands such as Audi or Jaguar Land Rover have long used recycled plastic bottles for their interior trim. Volvo recently announced that new electric vehicles — and soon the company’s lineup will consist only of them — will not use natural leather.

Photos are taken from open sources.