What can be dangerous remote engine start

Alternative to the advanced telematics in new machines remain security alarms with an autorun engine, but sometimes remote control can be dangerous.

Among the owners of cars of various classes, security alarms with an autorun engine are very popular. Such a device allows you to make a car and warm or, on the contrary, cool the interior. Then the driver can immediately get into comfortable conditions for itself.

But sometimes remote launch can hire certain dangers. Consider what kind of.

Sometimes hijackers will purposefully wait for the moment when the owner remotely leads his car. Open the door and deal with the regular blocking of the steering wheel, there will be no special problems, but it is not necessary to bypass electronic protection, because the motor is already headed. It will be calmly engaged later, when the car will already stand in a secluded place where no one hits the hijacker. It is also easy to wait for the desired moment — it is also easy, because the drivers usually go to work at the same time, to find out which can be very simple.

Moreover, in some cases, with the wrong, «collective farm» installation of the wizard simply bypass the factory immobilizer or simply leave the chip from the key in the machine. Such a scheme will allow the Warmer elementary to start the engine «in the old manner» — closed the wires in the ignition lock.

To a certain extent, reduce the risk of hijacking when using remote starting can install an additional mechanical locking of the steering wheel and gearbox. You just don’t break such protection on the spot, and the castle autopsy still takes time. But here there are nuances. Thus, the locking of the mechanical box is usually carried out when the transfer is enabled. In this case, it is impossible in any way. As for the additional locking of the steering wheel, many dealers do not recommend putting it at all, as it makes the steering structure much more dangerous for the driver at an accident. There are no problems with automatic boxes, the lever will simply be blocked in the parking position.

Also, do not forget about the location of the car. The probability of hijacking from a lively courtyard with a barrier and chambers is less than a deaf alley in a residential area.

Becoming the location of the machine, immediately let’s say about the danger of exhaust gases. This factor occurs when the car is in a closed space — that is, in the garage or underground parking. If there is no connection with the locked machine, still do not rush to start the car in advance. Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide (CO), which at a certain concentration can be mortal. Of course, you will not sit in the garage and wait for poisoning, but simply open the gate and leave immediately. Nevertheless, the garage will still be filled with smoke clubs, and you still get some dose of carbon monoxide — and it is absolutely no need and certainly unpleasant.

In addition, fair perturbations and claims from neighbors, which can lead to a completely serious conflict, are likely on underground parking.

We continue the topic of exhaust. Even when the car stands in the yard, they can deliver the trouble to the neighbors living on the first floor. Of course, poisoning will not happen, but unpleasant sensations are easily.

Embittered neighbors can not only make complaints or to engage in self-government and start breaking your car, but also take advantage of the legal ways of retaliation.

St. 12.28. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation provides a fine of 1,500 to 3,000 rubles per parking lot in the yard with an engine on. Recall, the parking is different from stopping for more than five minutes. As evidence of the fact of violation, two photos made on the phone or chamber with a five-minute interval will be completely coming.

And finally, we turn to less obvious factors.

Long-term work at idling can be harmful to the engine of the machine and for its catalyst. Oil pump may not cope with its duties. The mixture coming into the motor, working without load, is likely not to burn completely. If this happens for a long time, the catalyst will wear much more.

That’s not all. Modern cars, as a rule, do not require normal warm-up. Even in a strong frost, it is enough to give the engine to work literally one minute before going off. However, it is strictly forbidden to give a cold engine and transmissions to a cold engine, that is, high revs. They can be increased as he warmed. Now consider what can happen from the intense car owner. Runing the engine in advance, he will sit in the car, happy to see that the motor has already warmed up to normal temperatures, and decides that you can immediately go quickly, accelerating at high speeds. But the gearbox, unlike the motor, is not heated on site. Therefore, such a ride will inevitably affect its condition.

Remote launch can be a very convenient driver tool. But you need to know all existing nuances, comply with certain security measures. And indeed, it is impossible to install security systems with autorun incorrect methods.

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