What are the changes for customers in Favorit Motors when accepting a car service

For customers, this means not only current security, but also time savings — allegedly sevenfold. Uncommunicative motorists will also love this system.

The company notes that this is an innovative technology for the Russian market. The client chooses the time to visit the technical center through the chatbot, with his help he draws up a plan of the necessary work and places a preliminary order.

Then the visitor arrives at the service center and is identified by a phone number or QR code in the Mastakey Self Service terminal. As a result, the client gets access to a menu with current seasonal and special offers of the dealership, in which he can correct a pre-made order-work order.

The terminal displays an accurate and transparent estimate of the cost of work and parts separately and the entire order as a whole. Then the visitor can choose: wait for the car to be ready at the technical center or leave it in a replacement car. The client leaves the car key in a special secure compartment and picks it up there after the end of the maintenance.

The car owner receives all information about the work process through a chat bot, and payment is made online.

Automation provides a sevenfold acceleration in the time of car registration for service. The terminal itself is protected by an antimicrobial coating. When prompted, the system can calculate the residual value of the car by trade-in.

So far, contactless acceptance works only in one Favorit Motors dealership (at the 3rd km of the Moscow Ring Road), but will soon appear in other service stations.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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