Volkswagen Teramont of American assembly will now be sold in Russia: prices, equipment

I finally got to Russia

Three and a half years ago, when he came to us

This list has not changed particularly significantly, like the crossover itself: it received a new steering wheel, but the front panel has hardly changed, and even the diagonal of the central display has remained the same (although the functionality has been updated). New bumpers and optics made Teramont look like a budget

However, another fresh competitor,

Two «medium» configurations, called Status and Exclusive, are estimated at 4,087,000 and 4,247,000 rubles, respectively. The first differs from «Respect» in the following positions:

For a surcharge of 160 thousand rubles, the client will additionally receive adaptive headlights, all-round visibility and lane-keeping systems, a parking lot and something else, including the same 20-inch wheels. As separate options, 21-inch wheels (only for R-Line), a panoramic roof (64,000 rubles) and a pair of individual second-row seats (54,000 rubles) are offered, surcharges for various body paint options range from 22 to 61 thousand rubles.

Photos are taken from open sources.