TikTok has a new challenge for motorists — dangerous for the wheels

Do not do this under any circumstances — it can not only be dangerous for passengers and pedestrians, but also a criminal offense.

People unscrew the nuts on the wheels of cars, and this is not for hooliganism or theft — just to «see what happens.» Such a dangerous challenge is gaining momentum on the TikTok short video social network.

The challenge (a massive task for social network users) is called Lug Nut, that is, a «nut». Participants loosen the nuts on the wheels of cars, and not their own, but others’, that is, the owners do not suspect anything. The process needs to be captured on video and posted in the application.

Obviously, this can be dangerous. An unsuspecting driver can get into the car and drive, and on the way, the wheel will fall off and lead to an accident. Not only passengers of the car, but also pedestrians can suffer. In the United States, accidents have already been registered, the cause of which was the nuts unscrewed as part of a flash mob. And any car owner in any country where the Internet is available can become a victim of this «experiment».

Secondly, this action can be qualified as a criminal offense — causing damage to property and health and life.


The proliferation of social networks and demonstration Internet competitions has led to dangerous behavior related to cars, among other things. The most popular is an aggressive driving style: speeding, sharp maneuvers, etc., which are accompanied by shooting from a smartphone.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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