The updated Kia Ceed for Russia will be without «mechanics», and the turbo engine will become more powerful

The Russian Kia Ceed family will do without the most fashionable version and will rise in price.

The press service of Kia announced the certification of the updated Ceed family in Russia. The extended vehicle type approval certificate itself appeared in the open database of Rosstandart back in February, but the official details became known only now.

It will not do without losses: the ProCeed shooting break has not gained popularity in two years, so after restyling the most fashionable body in the Russian family will not be. And the key technical upgrade of the Ceed is the appearance of a new engine.

The 1.5-liter G4LH-5 turbocharged unit belongs to the Smartstream range and replaces the 1.4 G4LD-5 turbo four. Performance will improve: with the new engine, the power of hatchbacks, station wagons and crossovers Ceed / Ceed SW / XCeed will increase from 140 to 150 horsepower, and torque will increase from 242 to 253 Nm. As before, the supercharged engine will be combined with an uncontested 7-speed preselective «robot».

As for the 2.0 T-GDI turbo engine, it will retain the same power of 200 horsepower, but it will be offered as an option only for the XCeed crossover, because we do not plan to resume sales of sports hatchbacks and station wagons with the GT prefix.

Three-pedal Kia Ceed / Ceed SW with a naturally aspirated 1.6 MPI engine (128 forces, 155 Nm) were chosen by no more than five percent of buyers, so after the update, both hatchbacks and station wagons can be bought only with a 6-speed «automatic». Refusal of «mechanics» will inevitably lead to an increase in starting prices — now you need to overpay 40 thousand rubles for an automatic transmission, and the rise in price is clearly not limited to this value. On the simplification of the rear suspension on naturally aspirated Kia Ceed for Russia, we have already

Otherwise, the update of the Ceed assembly in Kaliningrad will follow the same scenario as

The press service of the Korean brand will inform about the trim levels and prices of the updated line of Kia Ceed before the end of the year. At the moment, the recommended retail prices for the hatchback range from 1,434,900 to 1,944,900 rubles, the overpayment for the station wagon is 40 thousand rubles, and the XCeed crossover is available only with turbo engines, so it costs from 1,754,900 to 2,304,900 rubles.

Photos are taken from open sources.