The new Skoda Superb will radically change

Having practiced on the change of generations of Octavia, Czech experts have taken up a new generation of the flagship model — Superb.

Test prototypes, teasers, and some leaked information make it clear that Superb is about to undergo major changes.

Skoda’s Mk4 business class will hit the market in 2024, so development is literally at an entry level. It is known that the modular MQB platform will remain at the heart of the model. However, the car will become even longer and more spacious — to further distance itself from the new «Octavia», which also does not stand still.

Unlike the first «Superb» with their rough C-pillars, the current generation has become much sleeker, and the upcoming body will become even more elongated and coupe-like. Expressive stamping will take place on the side — as the brand designer Petr Matusinets emphasized, this feature will be one of the key elements of the exterior. And you should definitely wait for a wide false radiator grille. The car will continue to be available in liftback and station wagon bodies.

There will be even more changes in the cabin. Moreover! The head of the company, Thomas Schaeffer, said in an interview with British Auto Express that «the car’s interior is a huge step forward.» Some elements will be borrowed from the Enyaq iV electric crossover, but more traditional controls will be retained for the Superba. That is, it is not planned to limit the functionality with one huge touch screen (13-inch diagonal, if you focus on Eniak).

As for the power-to-weight ratio, then the Superb 2024 model year will traditionally not be deprived. The car will receive 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines that will meet the Euro-7 environmental standard. It will not do without eco — this version will be a plug-in hybrid.

So far, nothing has been reported about what interesting features to expect from the new car. Most likely, the complex of driver assistance systems will be replenished with new assistants. The Superb now boasts very precise adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and blind spot tracking. Most likely, in the near future we will have to wait for the same good steering functions in corners, recognition of pedestrians and cyclists, and enhancements to the autopilot capabilities.

Skoda’s business class is one of the most undervalued cars on the Russian market. A huge car with a comfortable elastic suspension, excellent engines and a set of well-functioning driving assistants confuses Russian buyers in the business segment, most likely with its democratic brand.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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