The most economical Lada Largus lost the main flaw

In Togliatti showed the first prototypes of updated universal and vans Largus CNG.

AvtoVAZ partner — Togliattskaya firm «ATS-AUTO» — shared photos of the updated bitoxic two-testers Lada Largus. And the universal, and the Largus vans with gas equipment are not officially sold now — the plant stopped producing passenger Largus R90 CNG last fall, and this spring out of the gamma disappeared by cargo Largus F90 CNG. Representatives of the Volga Automobile Plant emphasized that the absence of the most economical «Largus» in the official configurator —

The head of the ATS-Auto, Alexei Suchkov, told Dromo on the features of the updated Lada Largus with a bito-fuel power plant. From now on, cylinders with compressed methane on universes and vans of the CNG line will be put under the bottom in the rear breath. Thus, the most economical «Largus» lost the main disadvantage — a «trimmed» trunk (a five-seater version of the losses reached 40%) or a cargo compartment.

The transfer of gas cylinders under the bottom required to «move» the exhaust highway, and the «ATS-Auto» engineers had to develop original mounts for fixing and protecting containers with methane. But now the passenger Largus CNG will be able to be seed, and the vans will not be inhabited by pure gasoline analogs.

It is known that the updated «Largus» will be made by Czech gas equipment and a couple of vitkovice cylinders. The total volume in the «ATC-Auto» is not called, but the indicators of dorestayling machines can be the indicators — they installed one 90-liter cylinder (accommodates up to 22 cubic methane meters). About the upgrades of the 106-strong 16-valve engine 1.6 speeches does not go, which means after restyling, the bitoxic «Largus» will slightly voracious and much slower when working on methane.

However, methane is more than twice as cheaper than gasoline AI-92, so that their customers will find factory bitoxic modifications. The «ATS-Auto» expect that CNG versions will be more expensive than similar gasoline universal and vans for 200 thousand rubles, and the difference can be compensated by state subsidies. The only question that remains open is the location of the spare wheel. On the demonstration bitoxic «Largus», the spare parts were not at all, but on serial two-tiers, the wheel can fasten on the fifth doors.

Restyling Lada Largus CNG is still to be certified, and the petrolery production of the most economical versions in Togliatti is planned to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

Confirmed to «ATS-AUTO» and another project — release

Details about «methane» Renault Logan a bit: It is only known that we will take the usual sedan with a 113-strong 1.6 engine and 5-speed «mechanics». It can be assumed that the same 90-liter cylinders will be put on the sedans under the French brand, as on Vesta CNG, and the loss in power and torque will not exceed 10 percent.

Photos taken from open sources.