The former designer Apple will work on the Ferrari design — a person with the experience of creating «things changing the world»

The Italian supercar manufacturer signed a contract with Joni Quince, who used to be an Apple chef designer.

The Ferrari autocompany has conceived global change in design — it says the beginning of cooperation with John Aiv, who used to led the design department in Apple. The Italians emphasize in the official comment, which is no coincidence to appeal to a person with the experience of creating «

In order to cooperate Ferrari and Studio IIV LoveFrom signed a long-term contract. Details are not reported, only streamlined plans — in particular, the creation of projects in the field of luxury goods. LoveFrom told that they would interact with the team of designers led by Flavio Manzoni.

Most likely, the former «stylists» iPhone will work on the new Ferrari design. There are two potential directions for this cooperation. The first is to create the design of the latest models — for example, future electrical crossovers. The second is the development of high-tech interiors with a multifunctional interface.

In the meantime, Apple develops its own car — on the electrical and autonomous control. The project «Titan» due to the increased attention of the public and silence on the side of the Apple has already been overgrown with rumors. At the moment it is known that Americans

Photos taken from open sources.