The first Honda crossover with a factory off-road package is presented: what includes prices


Factory off-road packages are gaining popularity: automakers matched that customers worldwide are ready to overpay for accessories with brutality and increased clearance. In the last couple of years Kia

The first-heart of Honda with improved courage was the Passport crossover for the North American market, and the trailsport package debit was timed to scheduled model updates. With the restyling of «Passport» designers Honda to wisely not became — Front of the Sough-Rozhdnik simply unified with

Behind the bumper changed, and the exhaust pipes became larger and replaced oval shape on the round. Trailsport package features — steel insertion on the bottom, original five-pack 18-inch wheels and black plastic parts around the perimeter. The only technical supplement is expanded on a santimeter of a track.

However, Honda seems to appreciate that in comparison with other Japanese stamps, its package looks modest, so in the future, the suspension will be enhanced when ordering the trailsport line, and the regular tires of dimension 245/60 R18 will be replaced by more toothy. But the Honda road clearance does not intend to increase: apparently, marketers believe that the initial 206 millimeters are quite enough for the crossover.

As for the interior, there are minimal refinement here: restyling only changed the finishing materials, and the Trailsport package adds an orange stitch on the seats and controls, branded rubber mats, black edging appliances, as well as embroidery on head restraints. It is curious that Honda did not upgrade the modest multimediasystem for the current standards or change explicitly outdated multi-power — the front panel after restyling did not change at all.

The aggregate base is also an old — Honda Passport retained a non-alternative gasoline atmospheric atmospheric 3,5-liter V6 (284 hp, 355 nm) in a bundle with a 9-speed «automatic». The front-wheel drive can only be the cheapest version, and for other crossovers (including the TrailSport package), a corporate connected four-wheel drive I-VTM4 is provided with separate couplings for the rear wheels.

At the moment, the price of Honda Passport vary in the range from 33 to 44 thousand dollars (from 2.4 to 3.2 million rubles), and it is hardly a modest restyling will lead to a visible increase. Modernized crossovers will arrive at the North American Honda dealers in winter.

Photos taken from open sources.