The electrification of the domestic car fleet was offered to be subsidized with concessional loans

Russia is trying to keep up with global trends in the popularization of personal transport with a low carbon footprint. In particular, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed detailed amendments to the concessional car lending program. Or rather, extend it to electric vehicles without limiting the price of the car.

More details on the proposal to expand preferential car loans can be found on the Federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts. Naturally, it was not without an important nuance —

The initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation met with rather positive feedback from industry experts. According to the project of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta AvtoPARK, an analyst of the Autonet working group of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) Denis Pilipishin believes that the measures proposed by the department will have a positive effect on the electric vehicle market in the country. Subsidies in the form of a kind of discounts on loans for the purchase of a «green» car will make it possible to partially or completely neutralize the difference in the price of a new electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine (the former are usually more expensive). A similar practice in other countries has shown itself to be the best.

However, stimulating demand alone will not work. Pilipishin also noted that

Dmitry Plekhanov, an analyst at the Institute for Comprehensive Strategic Studies, in turn, points out the importance of stimulating manufacturers of electric vehicles. Now in Russia there is only one model of domestic production — a small-scale commercial vehicle. The government should attract foreign companies to localize their factories and assembly lines, as well as create a favorable economic environment for Russian automakers to work on the electrification of their model range. Recall that so far the Ministry of Economic Development only proposes to restrict imports, the department has not prepared any «carrots» for the domestic electric vehicle industry.

In any case, if the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is approved, very soon domestic motorists, at least theoretically, will be able to count on a discount when buying electric cars on credit or leasing them.

Photos are taken from open sources.