The best crossovers of the year

Motor Trend’s authoritative magazine has published a short list of applicants for the title SUV OF THE YEAR 2022. Among them — not a single American model, two electric vehicles and one car of the Nizhny Novgorod assembly.

The Motor Trend Awards have no less weighing than victories in the national American selection, because the history of the competition is counted since 1949. True, the nomination SUV OF THE YEAR was introduced in total in 1999, and only twice from 23 victory here gave cars of American brands. The new winner is still unknown, but this will not be American again: in the short-sheet — two Japanese crossover, two German and one Swedish.

However, the applicant from Volvo does not look at one hundred percent novelty: the usual compact crossover

An even more solid charge may have a second electric finalist, also recognizable: Porsche Taycan got the opportunity to participate in the crossover competition due to the raised version of Cross Turismo with the body of the wagon. It is noteworthy that the final of Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Volkswagen ID.4 and Volkswagen ID.4, which will apply for the North American Utility Vehicle of The Year 2022, did not come to the final.

By the way, the only car appears in the list of finalists of both American contests —

Finally, we have already produced the fifth challenger on the title of the best crossover in the USA:

Nevertheless, if he wins (the likelihood of which, how to say, is small), the owners will be pleased to realize that they are not just on the most budget crossover Volkswagen, but on the best SUV according to the Americans.

Photos taken from open sources.

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