Strange road signs used around the world

In Russia, sign creation is strictly regulated, so if someone manages to show a little humor in order to outplay a dangerous situation on the road, such a sign will not stand for long. The guardians of the law will remove it, and the creator will be called a violator and, if found, they will be fined. Abroad, everything is simpler. Unusual road signs cannot be counted, and some cannot be deciphered at all.

Road signs are unified in most countries. Arriving abroad, you will definitely figure out where parking is allowed and where it is prohibited, where is a one-way street, and where it is two-way, how fast you can go on this autobahn and why it is worth dropping it in this particular place.

However, the standard road signs are no longer perceived by many. They flash before our eyes as a matter of course, like advertising on huge screens — no one watches it, but knows that it is there. That’s the same with signs — that’s why sometimes completely senseless accidents happen. But let’s not talk about sad things.

There are people who approach the preparation of road signs with humor. This is encouraged abroad, so the wonders of human creativity are very common.

For example, in Germany. People live there are civilized, advanced, but, it seems, they will not fail to relieve themselves next to the railway tracks. So they came up with a sign for them forbidding them to do this — at least laugh, at least cry.

In fairness, we note that many funny signs have nothing to do with traffic regulation. They are installed either far from the roadway, or on a private territory, where you can be creative as much as you like.

There are parking problems in any city. Car enthusiasts leave their cars wherever they want — sometimes right under a prohibition sign. Well, what if the urge?

As an experiment, it was decided to attract the attention of drivers with humor. Such an additional sign under the sign «parking is prohibited» was hung on one of the streets of Moscow. It is not known whether it works or not, but it is pleasant to watch and raises the mood.

Here is another sign from the same series. The idea came to the minds of the capital’s lawmakers back in 2014. There should already be a lot of such signs in Moscow today. It seems that the option still did not take root, because we have not found anything like it on the Web. But, you see, the idea was really good.

The next sign appeared in 2016 in Sokolniki and was soon christened as «Beware of zombies.» Which is understandable — we literally stuck to gadgets and can no longer imagine our life without them: we stick to the phone when we go to and from work, we do not want to look around, we stare at it, even when we cross the street, completely losing our instinct of self-preservation. It is precisely about such citizens stuck in gadgets, who really look like zombies, this sign of motorists warns.

If the Russian unusual road signs are still absolutely logical and understandable, the foreign ones “do not joke like a child”, sometimes showing such that “you can’t put it on your head”. You have already met the prohibition to shit near the railroad. Let’s see what else foreign sign-makers are capable of.

What do you think prohibits this sign? It turns out that dogs and horses are not allowed to shit in this place. Such a restriction is established in one of the Dutch towns. It is not clear what the man who invented this horse and dog hybrid was smoking.

The inscription eloquently warns of danger. If you do not want to fall into the clutches of the ladies of the oldest profession on earth, it is better to turn on the gas and drive by. There are such signs, for example, in Italy in the province of Treviso.

Animals are protected differently in each country. You will not find anything there — both «Caution: frogs!», And «Make way for the penguins» (there is such a sign in South Africa), and «Caution, camels, kangaroos, wombats» (here you yourself guessed that wombats and kangaroos only available in Australia, this mark is in the picture above).

And here are the penguins. By the way, this sign is surprising for the people of Russia. But in places where penguins now and then run across the road, not caring about the consequences, he is quite familiar.

And in Japan, they are very worried about crabs crossing the freeway. So much so that even a sign was invented for them.

Well, here, it seems, the end of the path or even the end of everything in the world is depicted — there is no road in any direction. What they wanted to say with this sign remains a mystery.

In 2010, in one of the Romanian towns, the mayor ordered to install a sign similar to «Caution, children» near drinking establishments. He was immediately dubbed «Beware, drunks.» The idea was borrowed from the German sign-makers: there is something similar in Germany.

And the strangest sign, which is logically impossible to explain, exists in South Africa. On it, a person with disabilities in a wheelchair rolls downhill straight into the crocodile’s mouth. Apparently, this is something like «Beware, alligators!»

In Russia, in the opinion of many pedestrians, it is time to introduce a sign «Attention, drunk driver» and install it next to a pedestrian crossing. Perhaps this will avoid many fatal accidents. I wonder what such a sign would look like?

Photos are taken from open sources.

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