Soon there will be a novelty from «Niva» titled Grand Niva worth 20,000 €

The President of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Mor gave the French portal of Challenges interviews, in which he shared some details about the new generation of Russian SUV.

First, wait for the new «Niva» to us at least two years: according to Mora, her

It is to the new «Niva», the leadership of the «Lada» lay great export hopes: it should provide more than two-time growth of deliveries abroad, including at the expense of Western Europe. And the vazovs are not confused by the possible competition with the Dacia Duster crossover, which by that time should change the generation, by going to the CMF-B platform: the models will consist in close relationship, but will not become clones. Nicolas More than once again confirmed the presence of a new «Niva» of the All-wheel drive transmission (we will remind, it does not yet have a single model based on the mentioned platform), promising, besides, the reduced transmission and the 24-centimeter ground clearance. All this should ensure permeability at the level

No less important news and statement of Mora about

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