Smart crossover FAW Bestune T77 passed certification for the Russian Federation

The model can boast of a holographic voice assistant, but in our country only basic versions will be sold for now.

The Russian representative office of FAW has completed the certification of the Bestune T77 crossover for the Russian market as scheduled. The car is interesting, however, on the way to the Russian Federation, it lost some bonuses that could have looked advantageous against the background of competitors.

First of all, it is freshness. Of course, at the beginning of sales, the novelty will be favorably distinguished by its novelty, especially since the design of Bestune T77 is good. But the model itself has been on sale in China since 2018.

Secondly, as it became known to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, for now only basic versions will be available to Russians. They do not provide one of the most interesting features — a holographic voice assistant. According to preliminary information, advanced modifications will appear in car dealerships only at the beginning of 2022.

An unusual visualization (almost like a «butler» in a Bentley!) Could be the trump card that would attract buyers to the new product from FAW. You can choose from three looks: a boy, an anime girl or a robot with different background options.

However, as experience shows, while voice assistants do a poor job with their functions, and even teaching a Chinese hologram to the Russian language is even more difficult. Moreover, Chinese cars still have problems with menu Russification, in particular the media system.

It is not yet clear whether the basic versions will offer chairs with integrated headrests, which are not found in other budget crossovers in our market. But it is known that by default the T77 is equipped with keyless entry and a panoramic roof.

The power unit of the car is not bad: a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 160 hp, which, given its relatively compact dimensions, is certainly capable of providing the car with groovy dynamics. The motor is paired with «mechanics» or a seven-speed «robot» with a double clutch. Front-wheel drive only.

Despite the delay, FAW Bestune T77 has a chance to «hook» buyers. It is enough to see how

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