Simple tips to help prevent car theft

Proven old and new high-tech ways to protect your car from attempted theft.

Car theft is a huge stress for the owner. And although many cars are insured, no one wants to lose their vehicle and wait until it is found.

Criminals do not know boundaries in an effort to take possession of what they want, so they resort to various tricks. For them, there are no moral and ethical principles, deception is common. The hijackers do not even cover their faces and may openly turn to the driver with some kind of request to force him to leave the salon. Often they show imaginary care, allegedly pointing to a blown wheel or a bag forgotten by the trunk.

Even if it is necessary to go out and check the information — not all the same, after all, the hijackers — for safety reasons, turn off the engine, raise the side windows, get out of the car and close it to the alarm. And never leave your keys in the salon!

The method is considered effective, but only if the criminal notices the marking and refuses to steal it. Otherwise, the car can be stolen like any other.

The markings are applied to mirrors, glasses and optics. This can be a VIN number or part of it (the last 6 digits that distinguish cars of the same model from each other). The technology is quite specific — a unique vehicle code is applied in the workshop using sandblasting or a laser.

But you can mark the glass yourself with a special paste. To do this, a stencil with a number is glued to the glass and coated on top with an acid-containing composition.

It is impossible to erase the number, therefore it is unprofitable to steal the car. To sell it on the market, you will have to first replace the marked elements, and this will cost the hijackers a pretty penny. In addition, most insurance companies have a discount on hull insurance for marked cars, and this is another weighty argument to secure your car with the marking.

This «trick» does not work for expensive cars. They cost a lot, so the thief will undoubtedly replace the marked items, because in the end he will still gain a lot of money from the sale of a stolen car.

At the same time, automakers are starting to implement more high-tech anti-theft methods such as

Anti-theft systems are gaining more and more popularity, which not only protect cars, but also catch car thieves. A US company has developed a similar system. When triggered by unauthorized entry into the car, it fills the interior with foam, which instantly hardens. At the same time, the attacker cannot move, and he can only wait helplessly for the owner of the car with the police.

It is not clear how to clean the car from the foam after the criminal is removed from it. So far, such an anti-theft system has not received widespread use.

Security systems that identify the owner by biometric characteristics are also becoming popular, and you can set them as you like and as much as you like. For example:

Experts assure that in the near future the systems will not only recognize drivers, but also automatically adjust the mirrors for them and report on the current state of the car.

Hijackers of the 21st century are quite often technically literate and approach their dirty work fully armed. But having understood the coding systems and starting the engine, they suddenly discover that the steering wheel is locked. In such a situation, all that remains is to leave the car and retreat.

It cannot, of course, be said that the steering wheel lock will definitely protect the car from theft. However, this will take away from the criminals a part of their precious time, and here, it is not excluded, either the owner will arrive in time, or someone will frighten off the hijackers.

Statistics say that 83% of hijackings occur at night or in the early morning, mostly in the middle of the week. Attackers prefer to hunt not in the central part of cities, but on their outskirts — this way it is faster to get out of the village.

Most often, Russian hijackers encroach on the creations of the Japanese car industry, but they do not disdain Russian ones either. The leading positions among the stolen vehicles are occupied by Mazda, Hyundai, KIA, Reno, Lada cars.

Be attentive to your car and do not save on the anti-theft system.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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