Russia began accepting orders for Isuzu D-Max with a 140 liter fuel tank

Less than a month since the world debut of the special version

Icelandic company Arctic Trucks is a recognized master of off-road tuning, and its field of activity is not limited to Isuzu cars: modified Toyota, Lexus and Mitsubishi are also offered in Russia. There was such a version and

The key to any off-road tuning is the suspension lift, and the D-Max AT35 is no exception. There are 10mm aluminum spacers in the front, original springs in the back, but the biggest contribution to this matter was made by toothy tires measuring 315/70 R17 on the original rims. As a result, the ground clearance under the rear axle housing increased to 278 mm, under the front protection made of 6 mm aluminum sheet — up to 293 mm, the entry and exit angles are 35 and 29.7 degrees, respectively.

Due to the large wheels (their outer diameter, 35 inches, is reflected in the digital index), it was necessary to recalibrate the instruments, trim the wheel arches and install expanders, which increased the overall width of the pickup to 2040 mm. In addition, the traditional Arctic Trucks footpegs with a non-slip coating, arches on the front bumper and on the side platform, as well as the corresponding symbols give the car a brutality.

The list of additional equipment is traditionally wide:

By the way, reinforced supports, through which the cab and body are attached to the frame, are installed on the AT35 by default. And one of the most important additions, especially relevant for traveling in wilderness, is likely to be the 140-liter fuel tank, which is almost twice the size of the standard one. True, with a full range of options, the price of an extreme pickup can easily surpass four million.

Photos are taken from open sources.