Prince Charles told how refueling his Aston Martin Cheese and Wine


Prince Wales Charles reported an unusual refinement of his Aston Martin DB6 Volante. In a conversation with the BBC, the 72-year-old heir to the British throne admitted that the vintage supercar was transferred to biofuels, and the convertible is refilled with an ordinary E85 gasoline based on vegetation raw materials, but an aristocratic mixture from «Exceptions of English White Wine and Serum Cheetery»!

Prince Charles complained that with the electrocars, everything is too difficult and translating its 51-year-old Aston Martin cabriolet on the electric car. He did not (although Lunaz and

Under the hood of Aston Martin DB6 Series II, gasoline row atmospheric six-cylinder engine with a volume of 4.0 liters, which develops 282 horsepower and 400 nm of torque. The transition from the usual gasoline on the E85 bioethanol (85% consists of ethanol obtained from biological waste, by 15% from high-octane gasoline) requires changing the fuel system, fuel lines — replace with new, and the fuel supply process is optimized, because the energy density will decrease . Probably, when refueling a mixture of E85 from cheese cheese and white wine, Aston Martin’s dynamics will deteriorate a little, but the prince of the Welsh loss of several horsepower is unlikely to embarrass.

Experts noted that the translation of Aston Martin on such a refined fuel is a beautiful gesture, and food waste cannot be used as a raw material for bioethanol. However, critics believe that the total transition to ethanol should be avoided, since the waste of agriculture, the woodworking and food industry is not enough to fully translate the entire vehicle on biofuels, and the sake of the production of organic gasoline will begin to cut out forests. Ultimately, the transition to biofuels will bring more harm than good, the head of the European Commission on Environmentally Human Transport Greg Archer said to British journalists.

In Europe, the E85 mixture has not yet been distributed, but in America the network of refueling gasoline E85 is very developed, since ethanol is obtained from waste for the production of sugar cane. The cost of environmentally friendly fuel is low, and E85 is a real alternative to the usual hydrocarbon gasoline.

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