Peugeot Expert received a unique luxury version for Russia

In October, a new modification of the Expert minibus called «Business Coupe» from the Ulyanovsk company «Avtodom» will appear in the salons of Russian Peugeot dealers.

Ulyanovsk residents are engaged in the refinement of cars of several brands (of course, including UAZ), and they have been cooperating with Peugeot for a long time. Three months ago, Avtodom presented the Expert van with a high roof and a base price of 2.225 million rubles, and now they are aiming at a higher price niche: for the Business Coupe, at least 2.609 million will have to be paid. And this is logical, because the car received a comfortable interior with eight seats, where the seats of the second and third rows are facing each other, and between them there is a folding table — hence the «railway» name of the version.

The seats are equipped with backrest adjustment, cup holders and recesses are provided for all passengers, where you can put your smartphone. On the ceiling there are LED shades and deflectors of the climatic system of increased power, on the floor — carpet. The basic list of equipment includes:

In the basic version, the bus has an elongated body, front-wheel drive and a two-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 150 liters. with. in a block with a six-speed manual transmission. For a surcharge of 200 thousand rubles (that is, for 2.829 million rubles.) You can get a six-speed «automatic», and for 3.079 million — a version of increased cross-country ability, with «mechanics», but with an all-wheel drive system from the French company Dangel. Expensive, but for four-wheel drive

Photos are taken from open sources.