Not shniva: 5 cars, which should be considered instead of Chevrolet Niva

Weather-road anomaly, covering the stain from Estonia to China, forcing when choosing a car, pay attention not to the memory of the buttons and the buttons, and on the ground clearance and four-wheel drive.


Weather-road anomaly, covering the stain from Estonia to China, forcing when choosing a car, pay attention not only to the ecology, multiplied by the buttons to the buttons, but also on the ground clearance. As well as a four-wheel drive. Especially if you plan to ride more than three year months a year. Therefore, the gaze of the buyer often falls on crossovers, and sometimes even on SUVs.

About new cars can be forgotten, the plants get up one after another due to the lack of spare parts and components. Open the bulletin board in the hope of used. The tandem of the universal impoverishment and the rise in prices for everything that can still ride, referred to as the simplicity of «on the go», in the foreground, the people of domestic conveyors: Mechanisms from Ulyanovsk and a pensioner from Tolyatti. Both are pleasure for sophisticated, simple drivers will not understand, quickly fell into the despondency from a specific, too cleaning level of comfort and equipping.

Necess, you will say, there is also a brainchild of international friendship, to which the «General Motors» — Chevrolet Niva applied.

The new one is not found now, but used, in a decent state will cost in the amount of half a million rubles. It is permissible, it would seem if it were not for one «but»: trying at least once in the life of any car of foreign production, as well as modern models Lada — Vesta, X-Ray — to drive on the «Shniv» with pleasure will not be released.

However, if Chevrolet Niva and the strengths. In addition to impressive suspension — without any doubt

And here the used «shniiva» there will be extremely curious and very ambitious competitors. And no Chinese, notice! The top five we will analyze around the bones on the portal Matador.Tech.

Let’s start with the highest, vulnerable and understandable competitor Chevrolet Niva — a two-limited Renault Duster, which will of the case and marketing suddenly got also the legendary name from Nissan. In fact, this is the same car, only a couple of design solutions, so we safely assign both one paragraph to both.


So, Duster, the native brother Logan and the dream of all the country’s dachas, can, with much more comfort, pass asphalt plot and snar-off the road off-road. Without a share of doubt: in the skillful hands «Duster» is able to defeat off-road with «Shniev», except that making it in much more convenient for the driver and passengers modes. He is quieter (albeit not much), softer and polite, it is possible in diesel performance and even on the «automatic»! In a word, face to people. Talking about the reliability and unpretentiousness of this model is meaningless — the idea is already a thousand times the idea that Duster is easier today than the UAZ «Patriot», thanks to the huge taxisups completely from Renault.


«Duster», by the way, is not a model and an example for imitation: the chair is horriblely designed, the back in them falls apart for 100 km of run, landing in the style «on a pot» will also like not everyone, and a tiny trunk is able to accommodate only a set of replaceable linen yes A couple of galoch in case of rain. Rubber boots will no longer fit.

Motors old — F4R, two-liter «gasoline», and at all recognized the Russians through Moskvich-2141 — low-volost and not economical, and the automatic DP0 box, four-stage transmission, was outdated in the last century. You can forgive if it were not for the price — for half a million rubles, you can only take the life of the «boot», and the cost of spare parts and service will seem overpriced even to the owners of the German premium segment. Renault — expensive in maintenance and maintenance cars, and Duster is no exception. The boring option is much more interesting.

Three hundred thousand rubles, and in our hands a frame Japanese SUV with a bridge and plug-in on the principle of part-time, that is, a hard connection of the front, a complete drive, and at a certain coincidence, also 7 seats in the configuration of XL7. «Vitara» of the second generation is spacious, more convenient and more powerful «Shniiva» — the car was initially made

Advantages and disadvantages

Moreover, Suzuki Vitara is much better from the point of view of body processing — the car does not rot and does not bloom, unlike themselves who you know. Yes, according to the old Japanese tradition, the rust of the frame, which is very painful is experiencing the Russian anti-flame reagent, yes, the car is old, the last year of release is 2008. But on the other hand, «Vitara» was never racing cars, popular in a circle of debris drivers, so even Today you can find an SUV of everything with two owners — people, as a rule, calm and family — and, as a result, in very good condition.

Suzuki Vitara II is a very, very reasonable choice for the vacancy «Compact SUV». The modest decoration of the cabin and equipment, a spacing design and a frank no sound insulation should not be confused by the shniiva applicant. But on the off-road Vitara II or Escudo — the «right-handed version» version — they instruct the extra-wetting brain of GM and AvtoVAZ three body housings, and on the usual road — five buildings. Reliable motor and box, long-term condense suspension, good visibility resistance on the road.

The main thing is not to save on rubber,

On the detention of his life path Koreans from SsangYong, once very popular and even respected in Russia’s car brand, decided to «Pupchaer» — created a compact crossover. At the idea, the car was obliged to become the heir to the superpopular Korando — the very thing that Corean Cando, and in fact became one of the last «sorry» before oblivion. However, it does not prevent the car itself — quite curious and


So, SsangYong New Actyon was introduced at the Moscow Motor Show in 2010, and the assembly for the Russian market was established at the Sollers capacities in Vladivostok. Two motors about two liters are diesel and gasoline, two six-speed transmissions — «mechanics» and «automatic». With relatively small dimensions «Aktion» had spacious, warm and rich enough at that time, soft suspension and pleasant dynamics.


Nothing, all with it, but the brand was already weak, and Sollers were not the best partner, so an interesting and original compact SUV ended up on the side of the road. However, there were quite specific technical reasons for this: the automatic transmission showed itself frankly badly, did not withstand domestic exploitation and forced regularly to contact the service, and the gas distribution mechanism chain on the gasoline motor was regularly stretched, forcing the expensive replacement operation.

By the way, about prices: Choosing a used New Action, it is worth very carefully examining the problems of the machine and go to the diagnosis —

Russians are extremely orthodox in their beliefs, so after the legend of the nineties — «Chirka», «Chirika», «Wide», «Indian» izh — Jeep Grand Cherokee II, he also Jeep Liberty, caused a wave of indignation, misunderstanding and denial. It is for this reason that today you can buy this powerful analogue of Chevrolet Niva for a completely sane price. But this is a complete analogue: carrying the body, independent front and dependent rear suspension, permanent four-wheel drive.


Looks like the second «Indian» — the Body KJ is really strange, unexpectedly, so to speak, however, in operation is inexpensive, on the off-road outwardness, and on the highway Bodr. And it is frankly cheap, the appearance makes the car undervalued, but what is an appearance for those who want «Shniva»?! The decoration of the cabin does not shine luxury, but the American is convenient, the equipment for those years is rich, especially if not European, namely the overseas version of the car.

The most interesting detail of the car is, of course, the V-shaped six-cylinder 3.7-liter motor, which forced to be a small and not heavy car be not so much smashed as really clever on the road. The torque of American V-shaped motors is a separate song, and Jeep Cherokee KJ — one of the shortest ways to this song to join.


His troubles have two — throttle valve, which is damn painfully digested domestic fuel and constantly needs cleaning, and a subwoofer. The latter needs regular control, for it has a property to turn the machine into a torch.

But the main dignity is the price of maintenance.

By the way, on the second «wide» legend Jeep — 242 razdatku, allowed the filler to change the drive positions: only the rear, full, full with a blocked central differential, full of reduced transmission. Nothing reminds? Of course, the absolute majority of Russians are well acquainted with this system due to its relative — Super Select from Mitsubishi

In the middle of the nineties, when Pajero II also disassembled its competitors in «


What is a crossover? This is a small SUV. How to make a crossover? Right, reduce available SUV. What is the essential? Pajero! So make it half less! So the Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin is a mini-copy of the major Pajero of the third generation. The same integrated in the small body of the frame, the same motors, only with less volume, the same box and even the same famous SUPER SELECT transmission! And all this size with «Shevi Niva»!

Theoretically — ingenious. Technically, it is very difficult and expensive. In practice — extremely controversial.


The Japanese initially cost a lot, was technically re-equipped and obviously overtook his time for a decade. But the main problem of his problem was and remains the GDI motor — the Japanese fuel economy system, which was not fully ready for Russian gasoline. As a result of work in the mode of road congestion and because of the rich gray fuel, the motors were blocked literally for the year and forced their owners to bring them to a hundred, where the masters took off the dirt using a sandblasting machine and special compositions. Sandblasting, by the way, was charged not by sand, but a crushed shell of walnut.


True, there is a trick: the United States supplied Pinin with conventional MPI motors, which GDI mischiefs did not know. We went and drove hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Rather, miles. Such a car will cost 350 — 400 thousand rubles and will be more expensive to a good hundred and initially Russian registration. Pinin can be found with the right steering — in this version it is called Pajero IO and is even more.

As you can see, we managed to find a lot of Chevrolet Niva competitors, which are faster, more convenient, more interesting and more reliable than «Shniva». So maybe no wonder the fans of this brainchild of the Russian-American Union call their Schng car? The first two lisers mean, naturally, Chevrolet Niva. But for the latter decoding, if you do not believe your guess, go to the profile forum. There will tell.

Photos taken from open sources.

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