New software will «see» those who have learned to hide from traffic cameras

The automated system for photographing violations in Russia will be modernized in 2022.

After that, the cameras will be able to record traffic offenders who are now avoiding fines due to tricks — for example, they drive cars that are not registered with the traffic police or taken off the register, registered as minors or dead, etc.

Detailed requirements for the new software are contained in the tender of the Moscow government for 180 million rubles, which was discovered by Kommersant. Developers are required to introduce new functions into the Intercept mobile application for traffic police, MADI and AMPP employees. Due to them, inspectors will be able to connect to any cameras and quickly track the cars of violators and hijackers and stop them for inspection. Currently, photo-fixing systems are able to spot such machines, but data transfer takes too much time.

The reason for the modernization of the neural network was several scandalous situations with violations of several hundred thousand rubles per driver. It is enough to drive an unregistered car — such violators do not receive fines from cameras. The loudest story is with blogger Edward Beale, the most recent is from October 12 with the participation of another blogger, Irina Lednik. She hit a child on a scooter in a Bentley at a pedestrian crossing, with dozens of fines for significant speeding.

Also, transport officials believe that it is time to modernize the software in order to «introduce» the neural network to new car models — in recent years, many new Chinese brands have appeared in Russia, and drones are plying around the cities.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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