New Nissan Pathfinder for Russia — characteristics and features

Adapted to Russian realities, Pathfinder will differ from the «American».

World premiere of fifth generation Nissan Pathfinder

The key revision concerns the suspension — the chassis will be reconfigured and made more «omnivorous», and the ground clearance will be increased from American 181 to 194 millimeters. The wide 255mm tires are likely to be ditched in favor of more suitable tires for our roads. At the same time, the fundamental design of the chassis will not change: the McPherson struts will remain in front, and the multi-link in the back. Of course, the patency of the frame predecessor from the new Pathfinder should not be expected, but all-wheel drive versions with a rear axle coupling and a galaxy of off-road modes (there are seven of them) will allow you not to worry in snowfall and on a country road.

It has been confirmed that the Nissan Pathfinder will reach Russia with a three-row saloon, with a three-seater (!) Sofa in the third row as a special feature, that is, the total number of seats will reach eight. In the seven-seater configuration, the «captain» seats of the second row are provided. With regard to the American version, the finishing materials and seat fillers will be revised, but they do not seem to be planning to simplify the advanced sound insulation.

For the sake of tax benefits, the petrol 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 is derated from 288 to 249 horsepower. Torque is still unknown, but you can target 351 Nm on crossovers on the other side of the ocean. A classic 9-speed automatic with a torque converter is standard.

It is known that the Russian Nissan Pathfinder will receive a proprietary Nissan Connect telematics system, that is, the owner will be able to remotely track the location of the car, remotely control the multimedia system and start the engine. The crossover will also have a virtual dashboard and media system with a nine-inch touchscreen for our country, but the projection display has not yet been announced. But

The pre-production Pathfinder crossovers are completing a test cycle at the Nissan Science and Technology Center near St. Petersburg, and soon a vehicle type approval certificate for the novelty should appear in the open base of Rosstandart. The new Parthfinder has already been added to the official site of, but there is no configurator or prices yet. In the United States, the Nissan Pathfinder will cost at least 33.4 thousand dollars (2.44 million rubles), and in our country the novelty will probably be cheaper than the Murano (from 3,049,000 rubles).

Photos are taken from open sources.