Mazda will release five new crossovers.

Mazda shared plans to expand the model range. Rumors about the upcoming large-scale update of the line went long ago, but insiders were right only in part. The fact is that Mazda prepares as many as five new crossovers, and none of the promising soldiers will replace directly honored CX-5!

The first novelty will go to the series in January 2022. We are talking about the CX-50 compact model, which is based on the same platform that Mazda3 / Mazda CX-30. You can expect the transverse location of the engine and the base front drive. Internal competition with «thirty» will be able to avoid, since CX-50 is focused on the North American market. It is known that «fifty» will be collecting at Mazda Toyota Manufacturing factory in Alabama. Because at the same plant plan to release Toyota Corolla Cross, it is possible that the CX-50 will be one of the species of the parkerchief.

But the remaining four models will be completely different. The basis will serve as a rear-wheel drive modular concept Large Architecture, the power unit will be located longitudinally, and Mazda prepares an absolutely new line of four and six-cylinder row engines on gasoline and diesel fuel.

Four different sorts-road are stated — five-seater CX-60 and CX-70, as well as seven-bed CX-80 and CX-90. Of course, in the same market, the entire quartet will not be sold: for Europe and Japan are preparing «six oxide» and «eight-dimensional», for North America — more spacious crossovers «Semesey» and «ninety» series. The overall dimensions and design of the exterior are not the only differences in CX60 from CX-70 and CX-80 from CX-90. Different power plants were announced: in the old world, diesel engines of the new generation SkyActiv-D (including in the composition of diesel-electric hybrids), and on the other side of the ocean, the rate will be made on gasoline turbocharged engines SkyActiv-X. However, no moderate and chargeable gasoline-electric units will no longer be a crossover — such are the trends of time.

It is curious that the Mazda 6 sedan 6 is not mentioned in the press release, although according to Japanese journalists, the fourth generation Sixer will be the first rear-wheel drive model on the new Large Architecture platform. The Spyder7 edition argues that the sedan premiere will be held in the first half of 2022.

As for the development of rotary motors, the Vankel engine will still appear as part of the Mazda MX-30 power plant — this is reaffirmed officially. About other prospects Japanese automaker silent, no confirmation and

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