Manufaktur’s performance has become available for all top Mercedes-Benz

«Mercedes» finally leads to the shadow of Stem Designo, in which unique finishing options were proposed on some models. Now it will take her place previously present only in the G-class configurator Manufaktur.

According to the official press release, luxurious personalization with handmade elements is now available on four models:

The most prominent sign of the unique performance of the premium «Mercedes» is rare body colors. Customers from now on can choose from a wide palette, including both matte coatings and paint «metallic» rare shades. Among them, the colors previously used in classical or especially popular models are especially distinguished. For example, «MANUFAKTUR Gray silicon monotonous» wore legendary

In the assortment of options for individualization, there are also creating an element of the show from the operation of the machine. For unspecifiable so far, the LED projector lights the landing zone with an animated pattern from Mercedes-Benz or Maybach logos can be built into each car. Light show will last ten minutes if the doors do not close.

Well, the greatest scope of the possibility of an individual fitting design under the new owner of the premium «Mercedes» reaches when it comes to the execution of the cabin. The program Manufaktur offers a huge amount of two-color or monochrome vehicles inside. Upholstery materials, mainly represent various types of skin, including «NAPAPU». And solid decorative inserts can be painted with piano varnish. Naturally, most of the elements are manufactured and installed manually.

According to Mercedes-Benz designers, the luxury should enhance the passengers and the driver prepared within the MANUFAKTUR cars literally from the head to toe. Therefore, almost compulsory accessories in such execution will be special pads on head restraints and rugs under the feet. On each of these elements, the interior can be embroidered with gold or platinum logos of the car. Well, the uniqueness of the interior performance emphasizes the corresponding silver signboard on the central console.

In order to clearly demonstrate the wide possibilities of their masters, the German brand has prepared a demonstration car. This is a plug-in hybrid S-class in an extended version, painted in the color of China Blue, which was popular in the 1980s and is now widely included in autotuning enthusiasts. A peculiar «showcase» of the extended program Manufaktur is decorated in a black and white color scheme. Because the car carries the body kit amg, high pile mats also received this logo. The upholstery on the chairs is stitching a rhombid pattern, and the pads on the head restraints are with the corporate platinum three-pointed star. The cost of similar execution is not specified.

Photos taken from open sources.

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