Lexus first showed the new LX before the premiere in Moscow

The fourth-generation frame SUV debuts in the LX 600 version.

Lexus has announced the imminent premiere of the new LX. The world debut of the flagship SUV will take place next Wednesday, October 13, and one of the presentation sites will be located in Moscow, at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

It is curious that the Russian capital is on a par with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — in all these countries the novelty will be shown simultaneously live, and other fans of the model will be content with a virtual ceremony. Russia’s special status is not surprising if we look at the sales statistics. According to Lexus, over twenty years in our country, 51,000 LX SUVs have been sold through the official channel alone — over ten percent of the total!

The first image of the Lexus LX reveals one of the design features of the model — tinted lights connected by LED strip. In addition, the label of the brand gave way to a large inscription with the name. In the same style, the new NX is decorated, so it looks like we are talking about the corporate features of all promising Lexus SUVs.

The naming of the LX 600 is confirmed, that is, as the family evolves, the indices are increasing — first there was LX 450, then LX 470, and until now the top version was LX 570. However, the «six hundredth» will by no means receive a 6.0-liter engine — the abandonment of naturally aspirated V8s has not been officially confirmed, but insiders are confident that in most markets the LX will move to the 3.4-liter turbocharged V6 V35A-FTS in the wake of

The frame architecture of the TNGA-K at the heart of the new LX is beyond question, and in general, the Lexus executive SUV should use improved technologies,

After the generational change, the Lexus LX will surely rise in price. Now the basic diesel SUV costs from 7.9 million rubles, and the prices for the most equipped LX 570 reach 9.6 million rubles, excluding dealer margins. Since, due to the rush of demand, some dealers sell even the Land Cruiser 300 for more than ten million rubles, the Lexus flagship may shock the prices.

The usually conservative Lexus brand began

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