Kia Sorento presented in a special version of the car for women

LGE-CTS Motorsports has prepared the Sorento PHEV for the Rebelle Rally, an off-road competition between female crews. Also, ladies may well use such a car for travel and off-road driving.

The tuning was based on ideas that Kia embodied in the Sorento X-Line Zion and Sorento X-Line Yosemite show cars. The concept of these prototypes involves off-road driving and travel.

The exterior of the Sorentos rally cars was emphasized by the light sand and green colors that were used in the concepts. They managed to get them by pasting the bodies with a film, which also plays a protective role. Also, crossovers are equipped with underbody protection, reinforced front bumpers, engine compartment and gas tank protections. Reinforced towing eyes are installed in the front and rear bumpers.

Additional roof racks are installed on the roofs, in which special equipment is placed — sand trucks and shovels. Competitors need these tools if the car gets bogged down in the sand.

Instead of the rear seats, the cabin also contains tools and safety equipment that are securely locked in place.

The ground clearance is improved by the installation of 2.54 cm spacers in the suspension springs and the Hankook Dynapro AT72 all-terrain tires on matte black KMC wheels with a diameter of 17 inches. The revision of the power unit (internal combustion engine plus an electric motor as a power reserve extension) has not been reported — most likely, it remained intact.

The Kia Sorento PHEV will have to cover 2,400 km of desert as part of the Rebelle Rally raid. By the way, the Californian atelier, which modified the crossovers, is also considered «feminine».

Last season, the rally girls were offered the Lexus LX. The homologation was carried out by Expedition Overland, an American partner of Toyota, specializing in adapting Japanese cars to heavy off-road conditions. Power bumpers and sills, a front and rear winch, a ladder on the tailgate and a bracket with a spare wheel and canisters, a steel trunk with a diode floodlight on the roof were installed in a similar way. The specialists also replaced the suspension arms, increased the ground clearance by means of screws, and added a mechanical supercharger to the naturally aspirated 5.7-liter engine.


Photos are taken from open sources.

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