Kia has updated the Rio family for Russia.

For Korean sedans and cross-hatches, the equipment was revised, and the color palette was expanded.

Kia’s Russian bestsellers — the Rio line — have been spot-on for the 2022 model year. External changes are minimal: we can note the abandonment of the oval logo in favor of a new one with a flat font, as well as the addition of Liquid Sand to the sand color scheme. And since earlier this year, Rio sedans and Rio X cross-hatches began to be painted in six new shades, it turns out that in less than 12 months the body paint palette has changed almost completely.

A change from the category of nuances — the renaming of the Luxe configuration into Luxe AV with the expansion of the equipment list. From now on, «luxury» Rio and Rio X are equipped with an infotainment complex with an 8-inch touchscreen, support for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and Yandex services. In addition, a rear-view camera with dynamic markings and a light sensor appeared in the Luxe AV version.

On the one hand, the improvement of the equipment is commendable, because earlier a modern multimedia system with a touchscreen relied only on the Rio / Rio X with an “automatic” and 1.6 engine, starting with the rich version of Style. On the other hand, after the upgrade, the Luxe AV equipment rose in price by 35 thousand rubles, and for sedans and cross-hatches with a 1.4 engine, only the poorest Classic and Comfort assemblies are still available.

Nor will potential buyers of Kia’s bestsellers be pleased with the fact that all Rio and Rio X have risen in price for the second time in a month. If at the beginning of September the cost of the sedan ranged from 919,900 to 1,274,900 rubles, now both recommended retail prices (RRP) have increased by ten thousand rubles. A similar story with the five-door Rio X — three weeks ago the base SUV cost 1,039,900 rubles, and the top-end one — 1,334,900 rubles, and now the RRPs start at 1,049,900 rubles and reach 1,344,900 rubles. For twelve months, the base Rio sedan has risen in price by 115 thousand rubles, that is, the starting price has increased by 14 percent!

Updates of power units are not expected — the Korean automaker left the proven atmospheric engines 1.4 (100 forces, 132 Nm) or 1.6 (123 forces, 151 Nm) on the Russian Rio; both are combined with 6-speed «mechanics» or «automatic» with the same number of steps. Rio in Europe in full swing

There are no problems with demand with conservative technology: the press service of Kia notes that the Rio family continues to maintain the status of an absolute bestseller among foreign cars, and the situation is unlikely to change in 2022. On the other hand, buyers began to pay less for the cross-version — soon after the debut of the Rio X-Line, the share of five-door hatchbacks in the total sales of Kia Rio reached half, but in the first eight months of 2021, only one in five is ready to pay extra for the Rio X.

Photos are taken from open sources.