Is it possible to get OSAGO through State Services

E-OSAGO — what is it, is it possible to issue on State services and how to do it, what are the advantages of an electronic policy, does it replace a paper analogue.

MTPL policy is an important document for every motorist, the motor third party liability insurance itself is called compulsory. The opportunity to purchase car insurance via the Internet is a real saving of time and nerves. The insurance company may be located far from the settlement, and it is not a fact that when you arrive, your question will be immediately taken care of. That is precisely why many motorists are interested in how to get an OSAGO policy through the State Services website.

E-CTP is an electronic document. The state cares about motorists, and therefore, since July 2015, it has allowed ordering a policy via the Internet. At first, this only worked for the insurance company where the document was purchased earlier. But in October of the same year, the restrictions were lifted, and now you can purchase a new policy from the insurer that is more convenient.


This portal only coordinates the connection between the car owner and the insurance company. You need to have a verified account on State Services. It is better to enter your personal account on the IC website through it.

If you see an advertisement that State Services issues E-OSAGO (electronic policy), be careful — most likely you will be redirected to a fake site. Everyone knows what will happen next. You will pay for an electronic «piece of paper», but in the end it will turn out to be fictitious. In a word, throw the money down the drain, and then beat your nerves to get it back, but only to no avail, so be careful.

It is interesting.

So, you cannot take out insurance on State Services, but when you issue an electronic insurance policy of a licensed insurer, your State Services data may become an alternative option for registration or authorization.

The same ones that you collect when heading to the office of the insurance company (IC):


In addition to saving time and your own health, ordering an insurance policy via the Internet has other advantages:

Good to know.

There are not many of them, but they exist and can darken the life of those who are used to doing everything online:

Otherwise, everything is very convenient. The only thing — having received a document by e-mail, print it and take it with you. As practice shows, only it has legal force, although it is no different from the electronic version. But to avoid misunderstandings on the road, it is better to play it safe.

Go to

In the window that opens, select «Members of the PCA who issue electronic policies». You will be presented with a list of insurers. Select the one you need and click on it — you will be taken to the UK website.

What to do next:

As you can see, everything is simplified as much as possible, and therefore ordering E-OSAGO is really saving time, money and your own nerves. has a service

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