In Tula collected the first brutal crossover Haval Dargo

The Chinese concern Great Wall is preparing for the Russian debut of another model.

In Tula, on the conveyor of the Great Wall plant, the first copies of the brutal crossover Haval Dargo collected (for sale in the miserable under the hieroglyph 大 狗, which can be transcribed like a Dagou or «big dog»). The Chinese car portal has published copies of certification documents from which it follows that the novelty will be produced in Russia.

The insider informed the publication that the registration of the certificate of approval of the vehicle type (FTS) on the Haval Dargo of Tula production means that the pre-seventive cars should also have Russian identification numbers. The rules are such that on samples with the Chinese Vin number cannot be registered with the right to the Russian assembly, — stressed the source of «Chinese cars».

The test assembly of Haval Dargo in Tula anticipates the appearance of a corresponding certificate in the open base of Rosstandard and leaves no doubt that a nodal system will soon write another model of the Great Wall concern. Novelty feature — brutal body a la framework Ford Bronco, although under it

HAVAL DARGO is not inferior

According to unofficial data in Russia, Haval Dargo will be positioned as a crossover of high passability, that is, we will sell only all-wheel drive versions with electronic locks, «off-road» driving modes and a more powerful 2.0-liter engine. Even in China, the model is a 200-millimeter clearance, entry angles and a congress equal to 24 and 30 degrees, respectively, and for Russia these indicators can be increased.

The absence of front-wheel drive versions and the bet on the top motor are easily explained: the Dargo will probably be more expensive than the all-wheel drive HAVAL F7 / F7X comparable (cost from 2.1 million rubles). Justify the price can help a rich equipment — a digital dashboard with a 10.1-inch screen, a multimediasystem with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, an electrically regulatory chairs, a circular survey chamber, two-zone climate control, panoramic roof and other options.

In the subway, Haval Dagou costs about ten percent more than similar F7. You can expect similar pricing and in Russia, which means at current prices, the base Dargo would cost approximately 2.3 million rubles. Are our forecasts are true to show time — starting sales in our country

Photos taken from open sources.