In the Far East, it will be possible to take electric cars worth 3 million rubles for car sharing

The most budgetary electric cars cost almost 3 million rubles in the Russian Federation, and premium brands are completely inaccessible to most Russians. However, short-term rentals allow you to use advanced transport in more and more regions, and with the participation of the largest players. Autoholding Sollers, together with the energy giant RusHydro, are launching electric car sharing in the Far East.

First, rental electric cars will appear in the capital of Primorye — Vladivostok: in the spring of 2022, a fleet of 140 battery-powered cars will be launched. Then electric cars will appear in rental companies in other cities in the region. Sollers will be responsible for leasing through the digital subscription platform Wize, while RusHydro will be responsible for recharging. We recently wrote that the energy company

What kind of electric cars motorists of the Far East will be able to rent is not yet reported. Perhaps it will be used right-hand drive «Japanese». Primorye is a kind of locomotive for the introduction of advanced cars at the expense of the secondary market.

Electric car sharing has existed in Moscow since 2017: first, premium BMW i3s became available for rent, later left-hand drive Nissan Leafs appeared. Prices do not differ from rental cars with internal combustion engines, cars are charged by car-sharing companies.

In Crimea, there is an electric car sharing service organized by the joint efforts of the Russian representative office of the Chinese company JAC Motors and the local rental company Morelectric. The correspondent of Matador.Tech tested the service personally and was pleasantly surprised.

It is noteworthy that the Russian government has recently been paying close attention to the development of electric public and private transport. In the next couple of years, people’s electric vehicles from Russian developers should appear on the market.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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