In Russia, it will now be possible to recharge an electric car in 3 minutes

The global shift of automakers to electric vehicles is rapidly changing infrastructure, even in Russia.

There are more and more statements that it was possible to set another record for charging speed — recently a station appeared in Europe at which an electric car can be “refueled” in just 3 minutes, and this is comparable to cars powered by fossil fuels.

3 minutes will not provide a «full tank», but will replenish the range by 100 kilometers — sometimes this is enough to get to the target. However, a full charge will not take too long — only 15 minutes. It’s very fast.

The station, called Terra 360, was developed by the Swiss-Swedish company ABB. Its power is 360 kW, 4 ports are provided for simultaneous charging of four cars. Its peculiarity is the dynamic distribution of power between all charged machines. Among the innovations, which the developer calls, there is also a light indication of the charging process, a display with indicators of battery charging and the remaining time.

From the end of 2021, Terra 360 stations will operate in the public domain, and in 2022 terminals will appear outside Europe. The developer plans to install them at gas stations, city charging stations, parking lots.

In Moscow, in addition to the usual (free!) Charges, it is now in test mode

In 2022, it is planned to significantly expand the EZS network in the east of the country, in particular, to install 80 stations on the new Moscow-Vladivostok highway with a step of no more than 150 km.

Car manufacturers are also developing infrastructure — it was with the network of fast branded chargers that Tesla began its successful expansion in the American market. A super-fast charging network in Russia is planning to open Porsche — by the way, it is the Taycan that is now the best-selling electric car in the Russian Federation. By the end of 2021, 9 points will open in Porsche dealerships in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in 2022 — in car dealerships across the country.

These charging terminals with a capacity of up to 320 kW (slightly weaker than the newest Terra) allow you to charge the battery up to 100 km in 5 minutes. The stations can operate with 400-volt and 800-volt traction batteries, automatically adjusting to the maximum permissible charging power of a particular electric vehicle with a combined charging system (CCS).

Photos are taken from open sources.