I looked at what was updated in the crossover Acura RDX — I wanted to buy

Luxury division «

Acoustic modernization was carried out on all fronts: In addition to the use of additional insulation materials, engineers reduced the rotational speed of the engine crankshaft at idle. This is despite the fact that the aggregate itself remained the same: a two-liter turbocated «four» K20C4, issuing solid 276 hp, works in a pair with a ten-speed «automatic». Basic drive — front, for the additional charge two friction clutches for connecting the rear wheels are installed, one to each one, and is called Super Handling AWD. But the system of active noise reduction generating sound in antiphase and reproducing it through standard speakers will be equipped with all default crossovers.

Upgraded and multimedia system, which received Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless interfaces, and a security system complex: the car learned better to see various obstacles, recognize pedestrians and road signs.

However, the interior has practically not changed, except that the steering wheel in one of the packages received the well-hard bottom of the rim. Outside changes More: vertical «gills» in the front bumper and rectangular exhaust pipes gave RDX similarity with a larger crossover Acura MDX, updated at the end of last year. The rest is the nuances of the color options, finishing materials and settings of the option adaptive suspension, where Comfort mode has done a little softer.

For gourmet in the new model year, they have retained a special version of PMC Edition, from Performance Manufacturing Center. Contrary to the designation, this is not a charged version, but manual assembly machines that are produced on the same line of the plant in Ohio, where they collect ACURA NSX supercars.

Their especially carefully, in several layers, painted in the same color as NSX, — This year it is called Long Beach Blue Pearl, and the interior will be performed in black and white tones. There will be only 200 pieces of such machines, and no copy will turn to Russia, because Acura does not work.

Photos taken from open sources.