I go to Mazda CX-9: what do you like and do not like in the cabin

Is there a perfectly worked high-quality interior of Mazda CX-9 to translate the lack of options to which everyone is already accustomed to new machines? We continue the long test of a large family crossover.

Wow effect — unambiguous

After hitting the front places in the Mazda CX-9 salon, I did not feel that I sit in a large seven-seed crossover. Perhaps, some particularly dense drivers «fictory» interior of Mazda can even be shifted. Another — to me, for example, is such a solution to the soul. Landing behind the wheel of the CX-9 is low low, a small three-spoke rabble is perfectly in hand, and the front armchairs bribe a well-titted profile and moderately sufficient side support, which is infrequently found in this class — especially among those large crossovers, which are originally focused on American market.

Of course, according to the current standards, the modern inner decoration of «nine» can no longer call. But the rest of the interior is beautiful and high-quality. Pleasant to touch leather, soft plastic finishes, scrupulously verified efforts on all keys and levers.

Mazda has long ago forced us to forget the oak salons of the first «trecracies» and «six», accomplishing customers to the fact that in terms of performance of the interior of the car with the emblem of smashed wings of the seagulls gradually selected to premium Japanese brands.

Globalization is observed: in pursuit of savings and decrease in the cost of the model, various models have long lost their individuality. CX-9 No exception: Salon — almost an accurate copy of Mazda CX-5, only a little enlarged on the scale and slightly modified in detail.

But, following the example of the youngest sister, the flagship is all right with ergonomics. For the convenience of landing, the location of the controls, the control panel of the multimedia system, readability of the dashboard — no questions.

But, unfortunately, CX-9 lives in the past. Mazda has a beautifully drawn projection of testimony for windshield, double front glass, well filtering external noise, 3-zone climate control and acoustic system Bose with juicy base sound. However, today this is not enough, especially when competitors are armed to the teeth.

For some reason, Japanese engineers still do not consider it necessary:

On the second row there is where to raise. There is enough free space and in width, and in the knees, and height. The rear sofa has a longitudinal adjustment and the ability to change the angle of inclination of the back, there is a separate climate installation control unit, heated, additional protection from the sun provide advanced curtains on the windows windows, and two USB connector attached the armrest.

To climb on the third row conveniently. The folding backs of the sofa form a wide opening. Sit down on the gallery not a very long trip is quite forces even adults. Further, because of the knees, the legs begin to fly, but the kids here will be just right.

The rear sofa moves longitudinally in parts, it is adjusted by the backs, and the configuration of seats can be varied as you like. For example, make a six-bed machine with a large box in the trunk or a five-seater and upload a disassembled cabinet on the right side.

The luggage space pleased with high-quality finish and the right form. Under the floor hid the dance, in the sides — comfortable niches, there are hooks for bags and packages, the third row of chairs is equipped with a convenient folding mechanism, and the fifth door is equipped with an electric drive.

If the rear seats are raised, then the volume of the trunk is only 198 liters. If necessary, the third row is easily removed flush with a trunk floor. Then under the curtain you can download 547 liters of the boot.

In general, the interior of Mazda CX-9 was pleased with thought-out ergonomics, passenger landing, high-quality execution and space on the rear sofa. But not for each buyer, the quality of the cabin is capable of excusement the lack of options familiar in the segment even in the top performance.

Photos taken from open sources.

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