Hyundai outstrips KamAZ by being the first to patent a steering wheel with a built-in screen

The Hyundai concern figured out how to implement the technology that surprised the Russian public.

Australian journalists have discovered an unusual Hyundai patent. The engineers of the Korean company figured out how to implement a steering wheel with a screen built into the core on a production car. It is argued that the monitor will not interfere with the driver’s airbag — the design allows you to place the airbag independently, that is, in the event of a collision, the display will not break and cause injury.

It is believed that the developers of the steering wheel with the built-in screen were inspired by the steering wheels of formula cars — in single-seater races, all the information a pilot needs is displayed on a small display. The advantages of the «combined» steering wheel and dashboard are obvious — the rim will not interfere with the driver, and all the necessary parameters will be before his eyes. There are also enough drawbacks: when you turn the steering wheel, the display will also turn, in addition, you will have to move your gaze downward, distracting from the road. In addition, it is not entirely clear why a steering wheel with an integrated screen is better than a head-up display with «virtual» prompts.

Hyundai has been experimenting with non-standard dashboards for a long time — in 2019, a similar solution was implemented on the Genesis Mint concept. Tesla, an American automaker, is ready to endow the steering wheel with previously uncharacteristic functionality.

It may be recalled that plans to supplement the steering wheel with a display are hatched by the Russian KamAZ. In the same 2019, the Chelny auto giant showed the Continent tractor with a similar steering column, and a year later it debuted a concept

Note that in the open database of Rospatent, documents on KamAZ developments in this area have not been published, which means that an innovative solution is unlikely to appear on domestic production vehicles.

Photos are taken from open sources.