Hyundai came up with a folding steering wheel

Recently, the Korean brand has been extremely active in developing innovative controls. Per

Similar solutions today are found on almost every second concept car, since autopilots are now in vogue, and it is understood that the driver does not have to constantly hold onto the steering wheel. However, in most cases, the design of this element is not thought out, while the Hyundai Mobis division claims that the Foldable Steering System unit, which has been working on for about two years, is fully ready for mass production. Moreover, this very remotely resembles a traditional steering wheel: a disc protrudes from the front panel by 25 centimeters, and «horns» protrude from it, like a children’s bicycle. Apparently, they move in a horizontal plane, which from the point of view of ergonomics is also not at all like manipulating a conventional steering wheel.

However, a retractable steering wheel does not have to have a reference ergonomics, given the frequency of its use. Here, the speed of its «firing» is much more important in the case when a person’s operative intervention in the control process is required. It is also important that a car (or rather an electric vehicle) equipped with such a steering wheel has a wire-based steering, without a mechanical connection to the steered wheels. In terms of safety, obviously, the stake is on a quick «retraction» of the steering wheel in the event of an impact, so a pillow in the hub is not needed here. For the sake of completeness, the only thing left is to combine the two developments and provide for a display that will also slide out of this disc — it is possible that the Koreans will eventually do so.

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