How artificial intelligence will detect fraudsters in auto insurance

While car owners complain about insurance companies, insurers themselves complain about fraud on the part of motorists. Moreover, according to the UK, not only they, but also respectable car owners suffer from fraud in car insurance. The companies talked about how they are fighting fraudsters using new technologies.

Artificial intelligence

Also, artificial intelligence is used to calculate smart insurance — the most personalized rate for hull insurance and even compulsory motor third party liability insurance. AI takes into account dozens of factors — not only driving experience, time of car ownership, fines and accidents, but also the situation in the city and the level of salaries, the season, the state of the market.

Information methods

In 2020, law enforcement agencies in Russia received more than 10,000 allegations of fraudulent activities in various areas of insurance, and car insurance was found to be the most vulnerable to fraudsters. 82% of all suspicious cases are related to OSAGO and Casco. The high risk leads to the withdrawal of insurance companies from the market, while others are forced to include damage from the actions of criminals in the tariff for respectable car owners.

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