Honda shared official pictures of two innovations Integra


The Honda press service shared official pictures of the new Integra, and we are not talking about one model, but immediately about two! The North American Brand office published a teaser, from which it follows that a five-door Liftback will be released under the acura brand, and at the same time the Chinese branch of Gac-Honda opened the design of the sedan of the same name. Thus, almost 15 years in the Honda line «Integra» was not at all, and in 2022 under the cult name

About American Acura Integra is officially a little known: the automaker announces the premium sports compact hatchback and silent about the technique. Insiders believe that the basis of Integra will serve

While Acura intrigues fans with messages that its integra «will save the DNA of the original model» with the Chinese Honda Integra, there is no special intrigue: its appearance is already declassified, and the similarity with the «Civic» in the body of the sedan can be seen with a naked eye. In the entrepreneur for Integra, they offer a different color palette, modified the design of optics, bumpers, radiator grilles and wheels, but there are no differences in the difference — and Civic, and Integra combine 182-strong (240 nm) upward gasoline engine 1.5 L15B7 and variator.

The Premiere of Acura Integra will be held in the spring of 2022, and from American five-year, you can still wait for surprises. The Honda eponymous for China will enter the market until the end of the year, and only two questions remain open — the equipment and price relative to the identical Civic sedan from the Dongfeng-Honda division.

But in Russia, all new «Honda» and «Akura» can not be waiting: the official sales of the Japanese concern car in our country

Photos taken from open sources.