Honda experiments with wheel hub motors for electric vehicles

Features of joint development with Hitachi — compact size, lighter weight and potential mass production.

Automakers and developers are struggling to cope with the two main problems of electric vehicles — high price and relatively low mileage. At the same time, almost every day, engineers hand over innovative technical solutions that open up room for the improvement of such vehicles. Another development — from the Japanese Hitachi.

We are talking about a motor arrangement — the Hitachi drive device implies the installation of electric motors directly on the wheels. The idea is not new, several companies have already proposed such solutions. Features of the Japanese design are compact size, lighter weight and potential mass production.

The new type of drive was created jointly by Hitachi Astemo and Honda, and it is argued that the goal is mass production of such wheel motors. In addition to the motor, an inverter and a braking system are installed inside the wheel. This allows the car to be provided with four-wheel drive with independent control of each wheel.

No exact figures have been given yet, but Hitachi guarantees a 20% increase in range per charge, a simplified design that saves up to 30% energy compared to conventional EVs.

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