High-speed robots will soon work at tire shops

American startup RoboTire claims to be preparing a revolution in the tire industry — primarily for consumers. The authors of the project believe that the most valuable resource today is time, and people cannot waste it on tire fitting.

The idea behind RoboTire is to replace tire changers with proprietary robots. This will significantly increase the speed of operations both for an individual motorist and in the market as a whole, that is, get rid of queues for tire fitting during the season.

And globally, the introduction of revolutionary tire change automation at the workshop level is transforming the way fleets, car service providers and tire and wheel service providers do business.

Tire retailers see great potential in the project. No wonder one of the largest independent tire sellers The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation recently became an investor in RoboTire, deciding to invest $ 7.5 million in a startup.

“This is a turning point for RoboTire: partnering with Discount Tire will make our innovative technology more accessible to consumers who need speed and quality of service in their daily lives,” commented Victor Darolfi, head and founder of RoboTire.

In turn, the management of the tire retailer is confident that innovative tire fitting technologies will meet the expectations of car owners, who are increasingly going online and automating all processes. What’s more, the introduction of tire-changing robots should be the impetus for the development of smarter automotive technologies and the training of skilled workers for the future of the industry.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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