Great Wall prepared familiar Russian Poer Pickup to severe off-road

Factory Special Commission Black Bullet combines a bright decor with off-road accessories.

The Chinese concern Great Wall continues to experiment with the special versions of its framework SUVs and pickups. Customers in the celestial were ready to overpay for factory preparations for off-routes, so in a short time was developed and

One of the most popular objects for tuning is a friend of the Russian Pickup Pickup (for sale in China under the name of PAO). In June, a utilitarian

The focus was made again on the suspension — installed two-link adjustable ATLAS nitrogen shock absorbers with remote tanks, replaced racks, stealing tires were expanded, and the place of standard tires occupied the «mud» bf goodrich all-terrain tires with an external 33 inches external diameter. The protective plates were added at the bottom, but the road clearance still increased — the exact value is not called, but you can count on at least 25 centimeters of clearance.

Among the other options needed on off-Round options — durable steel thresholds, reinforced bumpers with an integrated WARN winch, snorkel, struts in the body and plastic wheel arches. Orange decorative inserts are provided on the demo pickup of the black color, but they will be put on all «black bullets» unknown.

The same refers to an impractical white-orange salon. Light leather on the seats, door cards and the front panel will quickly come into disrepair with an active operation on off-road, and bright plastic parts and striking will not like everything. But it is not necessary to complain about the equipment — the basis served as a top version of a truck with 9-inch touchscreen multimediasystems, climate control and a complete set of electronic assistants. Great Wall promises that the novelty will not only be capable of all-terrain vehicles, but also will allow you to comfortably move along the rough area at high speed.

The engine and transmission upgrades are not reported, which means the Black Bullet Edition Pickup will save the 2.0-liter «turbocker» with a capacity of 190 horsepower (360 nm torque), 8-speed «Automatic» ZF and a plug-in full-wheel drive transmission and mechanical locks of intercoles differentials.

Black Bullet Edition is the most expensive version in Great Wall Pao / Poer. In the subway, the novelty was estimated at 248,800 yuan (2.82 million rubles), while the basic four-door pickup with a «automatic» and full-wheel drive can be purchased for 110,800 yuan (1.25 million rubles), and the most equipped «civilian» pickup costs 159 800 yuan (1.8 million rubles). Russia sells only staffed by all-wheel drive POER pickups at a price of 2.4 million rubles, and the Great Wall has not been certified in our country in our country.

Photos taken from open sources.