Ford may return to Russia.

The head of Sollers Ford, Adil Shirinov, spoke about the prospects for Russia in the near future. According to him, there will be more Fords in Russia, but not at the expense of the budget segment.

Today it is hard to believe that some ten years ago Ford was among the top ten leaders in the Russian market for sales of passenger cars, and models

Alas, hope was quickly dashed: according to the top manager, the company does not intend to return to the segment of mass budget cars, since it will not bring big revenues. That is, we will not see any European «Focus»,

Instead, the leader mentioned full-size American SUVs, citing as an example for some reason

By the way, the prospects of our «Tranzit», which occupies the second place in the commercial segment after «Gazelle», are outlined more definitely. Already in 2023, Sollers plans to master the production of its new electric version with a 269-horsepower engine on the rear axle and a range of up to 350 kilometers — it is not yet sold even in Europe.

In addition, preparations are underway for the local production of diesel engines of the promising EcoBlue family, which can be regarded as a response to the Stellantis alliance, which has recently been producing its turbodiesels in Kaluga, and even for export. The difference is that Stellantis puts some of these engines on relatively affordable Russian-assembled Peugeot, Citroen and Opel heels, and apparently nothing of the kind can be expected from Ford.

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