Experts procoued a potential electronics failure in cars

Global Facebook failure. WhatsApp and Instargam October 4 once again raised the topic of IT security, in particular — the secureness of cars.

Now the car is the most complex device with many technologies, which continuously interacts with the surrounding infrastructure. Experts commented on the functions of information failures for connected cars.

Connected Car More is increasingly becoming one of the highly relevant systems related to potentially dangerous operations in the real world, explained in the «Smart Driving Lab», developing an IT solution for transport. Taking into account the dissemination of updates on air and Internet dependent systems, the driver’s leakage driver is one of the most important topics.

In general, experts believe that today cars are well protected from hacking and failures. At the design stage, experts work on the maximum reduction in the use of cloud infrastructure of large providers. The operation of the platform is reserved in local data centers: they apply only for this task, better protected and less susceptible to global failures.

Like aviation, in «digital» cars, the principle of duplication is used. That is, the refused element is replaced by the backup with the preservation of all data. Specialists tracking the work of IT infrastructure have constant physical access to all its elements.

However, everything is not so unequivocal. Enough to see the precedents with

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