Electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle owners spend more money on repairs

The cost statistics were analyzed by the German insurance company Allianz, based on data on its clients.

The near absence of maintenance costs is one of the arguments when buying an electric vehicle, as their prices are still significantly higher than traditional cars, and the range is less. However, the more electric cars on the market, the more information on their operation. German insurers estimate that a lot more money is spent on repairing electric cars.

It’s about repairs, not regular maintenance. With the latter, there are no surprises — in electric vehicles, there are indeed significantly fewer consumables that need to be checked and replaced. But repairing an electric car in the event of a breakdown is quite expensive. Allianz insurance company analyzed cost statistics based on data on its clients.

It turned out that for payments for 2019-2020, owners of electric cars were paid an average of 10% more compensations, and the insurance company spent 30% more on the repair of such cars.

Hybrids, that is, cars with a power plant from an internal combustion engine and an auxiliary electric motor, turned out to be even less profitable: the average payments for them are 50% more impressive than for clean internal combustion engines. Moreover, there is more than one confirmation that hybrids are no better for ecology, or even

Good news for the owners of «electric trains»: according to statistics, the risk of fire is no higher than that of traditional cars. However, if a fire does occur, putting out an electric vehicle becomes more difficult.

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