EAISTO malfunction stopped technical inspection for motorists

Operators of the maintenance point cannot issue diagnostic cards to motorists who have undergone a technical inspection.

From October 1, when the six-month period ended

The failure of the base is reported by Kommersant with reference to the Moscow operator of TO. More than once, companies have previously said that EAISTO is hardly able to withstand a large influx of requests, and after the break, there were even much more of them, and the base hung from that moment on. Without entering data on the passage of MOT into the database, the procedure is considered invalid, and motorists simply cannot receive diagnostic cards.

The traffic police have not yet responded to either the inquiries of the operators of maintenance, or to the questions of the media. The situation now looks like this: diagnostic cards are needed for cars for which there was a six-month grace period from the government from February 1, 2021, as well as for those cars that receive a diagnostic card for the first time. Due to a failure in the work of EAISTO, the process stalled in the first four days, and as a result, the number of vehicles that need to undergo technical inspection is increasing every day.

Those for whom the automatically renewed diagnostic card expires on October 1 must undergo a technical inspection in the usual manner established by the Law on Technical Inspection. Insurers recommend that car owners check the validity period of the DC. If the validity period of the diagnostic card expired in February 2021, then the inspection must be completed no later than October 1, 2021. If the validity period expires on June 30, then the technical inspection must be completed by December 30, 2021. That is, six months must be added to the date in the Palace of Culture.

From August 22, 2021, the CMTPL policy can be issued without going through a technical inspection, that is, now the diagnostic card does not need to be presented to the insurance company, as it was before. However, technical inspection is still mandatory for car owners.

Photos are taken from open sources.