Details of the cheap Volkswagen electric crossover

The prototype of the SUV for 20 thousand euros was tested by the leading European media.

Volkswagen has seriously approached the promotion of the future budget electric crossover with an expected starting price of 20 thousand euros (1.67 million rubles). Journalists of popular European publications were invited for a test drive

Since ID.Life is one-of-a-kind, and one-off prototypes cost automakers millions of dollars, the press tour was limited to the Wolfsburg test site, and the electric car had a speed limiter at 29 km / h. Nevertheless, the very fact of the test drive shows that Volkswagen considers ID.Life a future bestseller, and promising technical solutions have every chance to remain on the production model.

The journalists found out that the decision to simplify the MEB platform and take as a basis a front-wheel drive chassis with a torsion beam at the rear (current ID.3 /

A reviewer for British Autocar noted that the ID.Life prototype handles better than other concepts, but the «engineering maturity» of the chassis is lacking. In addition, the steering wheel is inconvenient to intercept, which makes parking «quite an unpleasant task.» Otherwise, there is no need to talk about handling and dynamics, because the speeds did not exceed 30 km / h, and only a specialist from the German Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS) managed to outwit the limiter and dial 47 km / h on the descent.

But the interior of the future ID.2 impressed the press. Although all the main buttons are concentrated on the steering wheel, there are no paddle shifters and a multimedia system (the role of the infotainment system is assigned to a smartphone that can be attached to the center on a magnet), drivers did not complain about ergonomic inconveniences. All respondents praised the excellent visibility and spacious (taking into account the dimensions of the electric vehicle) interior.

Acoustic comfort and build quality are not the strongest points of the test SUV. Even at a low speed with an open roof, you can hear the howling of the wind, and the timbre of the electric motor gets on your nerves. The low-profile 20-inch Continental tires are in part responsible for the noise in the cabin. But it was not possible to assess the convenience of the rear-view cameras: it looks like they simply installed dummies on the prototype.

The German magazine AMuS does not hesitate to call ID.Life “people’s electric car”. Volkswagen’s compatriots liked the minimalism in the cabin, the built-in home theater (with a very bright projector), and the soft details of the hood and roof with zippers were especially appreciated. The prototype was criticized for the lack of seat height adjustments and was advised to add a longitudinal adjustment of the rear sofa. In general, AMuS considers the future «junior» ID.2 and its passenger analogue ID.1 to be «battery» successors of such models as the Polo and T-Cross — Volkswagen could hardly deserve a more flattering assessment.

Photos are taken from open sources.

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