Defender SUVs will be delivered to Russia, like agent 007, worth more than 10 million rubles


Concern Jaguar Land Rover in its own way marked the release of the next film about agent 007 — British intelligence officer James Bond was dedicated to a special series of Defender SUVs. The action movie «No Time to Die» will appear on the screens of Russian cinemas only on October 7 (with a ten-day delay relative to the world debut), but the ruble prices of special all-terrain vehicles were revealed simultaneously with the British and American ones.

The three-door Defender V8 Bond Edition was estimated at 10,794,000 rubles, for the five-door version you will have to pay only 175,000 rubles. Almost the same price is explained by the limited quota: only 20 cars will be allocated for our country out of a total circulation of three hundred. The Land Rover press service does not specify how much Bond-like SUVs are more expensive than conventional eight-cylinder versions, and the British brand does not publish its price lists in the public domain. However, taking as a starting point

For this money, the buyer

Unlike specially prepared Land Rover Defenders from the 25th part of the movie saga, the Bond Edition SUVs will not please with technical modifications. Under the hood, a 525-horsepower (625 Nm) gasoline compressor V8 with a volume of 5.0 liters will remain; An 8-speed «automatic», active rear differential, more assembled suspension and reinforced brakes are standard equipment.

Nearly eleven million rubles for an eight-cylinder Defender 110 Bond Edition is a solid amount, but the main competitor — the G-Class — is much more expensive, although it has not yet been entitled to a “registered” special version. For a Mercedes-AMG G 63 comparable in sound and dynamics, you need to pay at least 19,840,000 rubles, and even a basic diesel «Gelik» with a 249-horsepower six-cylinder 2.9 engine will cost 11,730,000 rubles.

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