Compiled a list of cars that owners fall in love with

International consulting agency J.D. Power analyzed the reviews of more than 110 thousand car owners and made an «emotional» rating of cars of various brands and models. Its leaders are cars that evoke the most positive emotions from owners within three months after purchase.

The owners assessed the cars on 37 parameters — from driving comfort to excitement from pressing the gas pedal. As a result, each car received a certain number of points, which can be used to measure the owner’s emotional attachment to the new car. According to David Amodeo, director of global automotive business at JD Power, automakers are increasingly responding to emotional triggers from motorists by generating more sensory feedback from their products.

Since analysts interviewed the Americans, the rating included many local models that are not officially sold in the Russian Federation.

Also, the Tesla brand was not included in the study, as the consulting company does not have permission to interview teslovodists in some states. But, according to unofficial data, according to the delight of the owners, it just takes the first place.

Porsche is the absolute leader in the official list: the brand has scored 882 points out of 1000 maximum.

Among the premium brands, car owners are also delighted with cars from the Genesis and Land Rover brands.

In the mass segment, the favorite was Dodge with the same 882 points (not sold in Russia). Ram and Nissan were also in the emotional top 3. Moreover, the Japanese brand has risen by as much as 22 positions over the year.

Among the newcomers to the car market, the following stood out:

Analysts note that more and more mass brands and models are able to fall in love with the owner in the first months of operation. The gap in the emotional perception of premium and budget cars is narrowing every year.

Photos are taken from open sources.