Chery’s new premium crossover for Russia: appearance, interior, price

The Chinese Exeed TXL has been updated and is preparing to arrive in Russia — with a completely new salon and interesting solutions for reasonable money.

Chery is preparing to update the flagship of the Russian line — the Exeed TXL crossover. Source

Chery designers did not hesitate to borrow the most effective and functional solutions from European premium brands. The interior of the updated Exeed TXL is simultaneously similar to Mercedes-Benz (an infotainment complex with a pair of 12.3-inch screens), and Jaguar Land Rover (a climate control sensor unit with a pair of stylish washers), and Porsche (a miniature transmission selector and an area for wireless charging of gadgets).

The interior was drawn from scratch, because nothing has in common with the predecessor Exeed TXL — the air duct leads, the points of location of the door handles and finishing materials have been changed. Only the multifunction steering wheel with switches remained the same — total digitalization did not touch it, and the buttons remained analog. It is curious that you can control the media system not only through the touchscreen, but also through the touchpad on the central tunnel — most automakers have already abandoned such duplication of functions.

A separate press release will be devoted to the equipment of the updated Exeed TXL for Russia, but for now it can be noted that the new product will not lose in the options — all-round cameras, a panoramic roof, and all-LED optics, and ambient interior lighting, and a Sony audio system will be available. eight speakers.

Outside, Exeed TXL has changed slightly, and only fans of the brand will be able to recognize the new product. Restyling markers — a front bumper with vertical fog lights, a different radiator grill (with horizontal sipes across the entire width), exhaust pipes with elaborate infinity-shaped nozzles spaced around the edges of the bumper, as well as the absence of a chrome-plated protective plate at the rear.

They did not change the technical stuffing of the Russian version — our SUV will be available with the same gasoline 1.6-liter turbo engine with 186 horsepower and 275 Nm of torque. Preselective Getrag 7-speed «robot» as a gearbox and four-wheel drive with a BorgWarner clutch connecting the rear axle are standard equipment. A different body kit increased the overall length of the body by a symbolic five millimeters (up to nearly 4.8 meters), but the ground clearance remained unchanged (210 millimeters).

At the moment, the prices for Cheryexeed TXL vary in the range from 2.35 to 2.55 million rubles, and when the car is handed over to trade-in, you can save up to 150 thousand rubles. If the updated SUV rises in price moderately, and car dealerships do not become greedy with additional equipment, the premium brand Chery has every chance of becoming successful in our country, because commensurate competitors with a similar set of equipment are much more expensive. And very soon Exeed will bring more

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