Chery will no longer release their cars with popular Turbor in Russia

The gasoline 2.0-liter «Turbochetter» Chery will be replaced by a more promising aggregate.

Chery will retire popular in Russia in Russia 2.0-liter turbo engine D4T20, approves the «Chinese cars» portal with reference to insider from the Middle Kingdom. It was decided to abandon production due to the unclaiming of the power unit in China and in other export markets — 2.0-liter crossovers Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 8 Pro were in demand only in our country. Because it was about a better case about several hundreds of cars sold a year, Chery decided to stop the release of «turbochers».

The successor has already been prepared: in July, sales of Tiggo 8 began in China

Another important argument in favor of the Kunpeng turbogo is the possibility of using a charge-free hybrid power plant. «Four» is combined with

The coming refusal to the old «turborate» is indirectly confirmed by the Russian branch of Chery. On the official website of the Tiggo 8 brand with the engine 2.0, it is not mentioned, although the 170-strong version is still in the «configuration and prices» tab. And on the usual «eight», and on its upgraded version of Pro, the unit is combined with a variator with a simulation of nine gears.

There is no doubt that the 2.0-liter engine of the Kunpeng family to Russia will also get, and it is not excluded that a more powerful unit will be offered in a conjunction with a long-awaited full-wheel drive. Until now, Chery offered only front-wheel drive crossovers in our country, but this did not prevent the automaker to take away the status of the most popular Chinese brand in the first half of the year.

Photos taken from open sources.

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